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--- 1995 / 2013 ---

« Celui qui a fait des œuvres ici-bas peut vouloir vivre cent années.
Mais cela ne change rien à ton état : l'œuvre ne colle pas à l'homme. »
Iça Upanishad


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Illustration/dessin original (1992) ci-dessus :
Lionel Marchetti par Frédéric Malenfer


Complete biography :

First and foremost a self-taught artist, Lionel Marchetti explored the concrete music repertoire with Xavier Garcia in 1989/1990 - they started to play together (improvised live duet) in 2013...

Since 1989 Lionel Marchetti has been in charge of the electroacoustic studio at Lyon 2 University’s Training Center for Musicians Mentoring at Schools - CFMI de Lyon - were he leads, one month a year, a workshop on “loudspeaker art”, recorded sound, concrete music, electroacoustic techniques and combines theoretical and practical approaches :

He has also composed at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (INA-GRM) in Paris for more than 20 years, as well as in his personal studio :

He regularly performs his concrete compositions in acousmatic concerts on various systems for the spacialisation of sound (4, 8, 12 loudspeakers or more).

In 2009, he receives two Quartz Electronic Music Awards :

- Qwartz of the public : Qwartz experimentation / research for his masterpiece Adèle et Hadrien (Le livre des vacances)
- Qwartz Artist of the jury and a dotation

In addition :

- L’incandescence de l’étoile
has received a mention at the 2nd Noroit-Léonce Petitot International Prize in 1991

- Dans la montagne (Ki Ken Taï)
has been awarded at the 2nd radiophonic creation contest of La Muse en circuit/Sacem/Radio France/N.D.R. Hamburg in 1996

- Knud Un nom de serpent (le cercle des entrailles)
has been nominated at the 6th Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in 2010

Lionel Marchetti also dedicates himself to improvisation
(analogic devices with various microphones, feedback, radiophonic waves, REVOX reel-to-reel tape recorder, modified loudspeakers, etc.) with Jérôme Noetinger (electronic, REVOX reel-to-reel recorder) and as a solo artist :


he has worked with numerous musicians on the experimental and improvised scene, both electronic and instrumental in France, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and America…
- nb : all links for thoses musicians and others below -

Lionel Marchetti often collaborates with Japanese musician and dancer Yôko Higashi (butô dance and or electronics, also known as HamaYoko ) in a duo that merges the body and electricity :

He regularly works with philosopher, writer, poet and musician Olivier Capparos on radiophonic creation workshops for France Culture, as well as on many projects implying the voice and its interpretation through the loudspeakers, like Sing me to sleep (5 studies on sleep and dreams) or the sonorous theater piece Kitty Hawk (the wind and the sand)…

Attaching great importance to pedagogy, he has carried out an artist residency via the Internet in numerous secondary schools of the Rhone Region, invited by the Erasme Center (between 2003 and 2007) ; and in partnership with the GMVL (Groupe de Musiques Vivantes de Lyon), he conducts workshops with children on sound recording :

As a visual artist, Lionel Marchetti works on installations that introduce the loudspeaker as invisible extension using paper, pictures, water, milk, plants, fruits and vegetables or earth.
These sound installations have been presented in diverse festivals and galeries such as : Musica Genera/Muzeum Sztuki Wspolczesnej (Szczecin, Poland), Musique Action Festival (Vandœuvre-les-Nancy) ; Space + Place/KNM (Berlin) ; The 102 (Grenoble) - Pellicula et Basta ; Among Others Three/with Peter Morrens (Viena, Austria); Mathieu Galery (Lyon); Fort du Bruissin (Oullin) ; Vinatier Psychiatric Hospital (Lyon) ; Fnac ; Espace d'arts plastiques (Vénissieux) ; West Space (Melbourne, Australia) etc. :

Natura morta (sound installation) :
11 têtes (sound installation) :
L'œuf noir (sound installation) :
Uninhabitable space (sound installation, with Jérôme Nœtinger) :

In addition, Lionel Marchetti works on poetic writings (some of it can be read on the online magazine Lampe-Tempête), as well as on a theoretical approach of concrete music and loudspeaker art.
With a personal sensibility and poetic analysis, he pursues the thought tradition of Pierre Schaeffer, Michel Chion or François Bayle, themselves composers and musical theorists.
He has notably published three essays : Michel Chion’ s concrete music / La musique concrète de Michel Chion (1998) ; Loudspeaker, voice and mirror... / Haut-parleur, voix et miroir... (2003) and The idea of sound shooting : letter to a student / L’idée de tournage sonore : lettre à un étudiant (2008) :

His concrete music compositions, books and collaborations have been edited (CD) by numerous labels around the world and are physically distributed by


Instrumentarium de Lionel Marchetti
dans les studios du CFMI de Lyon (depuis 1989) :

Synthétiseurs Yamaha DX7, DX21, TX 81 Z, Teisco 100F, Roland JD 800, synyhétiseur Tupolev ZK2, sampler Akai S900, S1000, microphones Neumann U87, Schoeps CCM 3 et divers microphones de toutes catégories, micro-contacts, Table de Mixage E2A 16-4-2, Table de Mixage E2A 10-4-2 Table de Mixage Sage Racky 12-2, Table de Mixage MacKie 16-4-2, 3 Revox B77, 2 Revox A77, 2 Revox Master PR 99, effets Alesis Midiverb 2 et 4, Yamaha SPX 1000, ordinateur Attari 1040st, flutes à bec et flutes diverses, clarinette Sib, guitares, piano, radio ondes courtes à lampes 1950 et FM diverses, corps sonores divers, lecteurs K7 divers, diktaphone mini-K7, mini-disc, enregistreurs numériques divers ; mixage analogique sur bande magnétique PEM 468 format 1/4 de pouce 38 cm/s jusqu’en 1998 — Système Protools 8 pistes depuis 1998 et 24 puis 32 pistes depuis 2005…
Agrémenté de l'instrumentarium de l’INA-GRM (Paris)
et du GMVL (Lyon) :
Traitements numériques avec le système Syter (jusqu’en 1992), divers magnétophones Studer et Revox, magnétophone Studer A8O7, traitement numérique Publison Infernale Machine, synthétiseurs Kobol, sampler Ensonic, microphones Schoeps couple ORTF, 32 pistes Protools HD et traitements GRM Tools, technologies numériques diverses depuis 1995…


Poésies diverses de Lionel Marchetti
textes sur la musique de François Bayle, Éliane Radigue, Michel Chion, Christian Zanési, Éric La Casa, Seijiro Murayama, Emmanuel Holterbach…,3011_.html


Carnets, manuscrits divers :


Other musicians & artists links etc. :

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David Chiesa

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Spyros Polychronopoulos

Frédéric Neyrat



released January 1, 1986


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Lionel Marchetti France

Lionel Marchetti (1967) : compositeur français de musique concrète, acousmatique & improvisateur avec instruments électroniques divers compositions musicales sont considérées comme
un véritable cinéma pour l'oreille…

"Concret ou abstrait ? J'aime l'abstrait où subsiste un souvenir de substance, le concret qui s'affine aux frontières du vide." (K.White)
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