TULPAS - & -- / 1997 ~ improvised music (studio)

by Lionel Marchetti & Jérôme Nœtinger

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--- 1997 ---

Improvisation du 3 janvier 1997
en studio à Fontaine (France)


Lionel Marchetti & Jérôme Nœtinger :
Piano préparé, lecteurs cd, K7, haut-parleurs préparés, électricité…

Une première édition CD de - & --
a été éditée dans le coffret TULPAS (5 CD)
un projet de RLW - Ralf Wehowsky
label Selektion - SCD 024
en septembre 1997


Copyright : Lionel Marchetti & Jérôme Nœtinger/SACEM

ORIGINAL MASTER (stéréo) 2014 - 44khz/16bits

Cover : Charly Steiger

Ralf Wehowsky :
"Tulpas was initiated in mid 1995 and finished in mid 1997.
CD 1 presents 7 interpretations of one peculiar composition, Nameless Victims, while CD 2 refers to a general idea of RLW; CD 3 relates to several actual aspects of my work, while CD 4 concentrates on fundamental issues of earlier apparitions; CD 5 eventually spins out related conceptual dispositions; not to speak of other material and ideas already in the drawer…"

Other contributors : Action Concret, Artificial Memory Trace, Aube, Baraka, M.Behrens, Brume, M.Büsser, Contrastate, Crawl Unit, P. Duimelinks & R. Meelkop, J. Duncan, W. Durand, M. Gendreau, D. Grubbs, Ch. Heeman, Husk, Idea Fire Company, R. Ikeda, In Be Tween Noise, A. Jasenka, R. Kundrotas, K. Kusafuka, E. Lanzillota, F. Lopez, K. Marutani, Meeuw, Merzbow, B. Moreigne, N.N. und ähnliche Elemente, Noise-Makers Fifes, J. O'Rourke, Peter rehberg, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, B. Russell, M. Sato, J. Smolders, J.P.E.R. Sonntag, Ch. Steiger, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, J. Thomasius, A. Tietchens, G. Toniutti, Toy Bizarre, T. Tsunoda, E. den Uijl, F. deWaard, J. Watermann, A. Wollscheid.

À propos de Tulpas par Allmusic.com / Review by Caleb Deupree :

"Tulpas is a sprawling collection of reinterpretations and transformations of RLW's work through the early '90s by many of the major sound artists from around the world. Five CDs in length, almost six hours in total duration, the scale of the work is unlike anything else in recent sonic art. Over two years in realization, it combines two major aspects of RLW's work: that pieces themselves are in a permanent state of flux (as witnessed by the number of times RLW has reworked his own pieces over the years), and the collaborations, which provide him with new material and new impulses. Wehowsky invited the participation of the collaborees, but left it up to the individual participants to decide what approach to take. Different participants received different inputs, ranging from a score to sequences on floppy disk to original sound material on DAT. The starting points range from RLW's most recent pieces (including seven interpretations of Nameless Victims) to his earliest work with P16.D4. Most of the pieces take a single RLW piece as a starting point, but several cover the entire RLW catalog. The degree of collaboration also varied, in some cases involving several exchanges of material. When all the pieces had been delivered, Wehowsky edited, remastered, and sequenced them to the final form they have now. The CDs come in a cloth-bound book along with 40 pages of essays, notes, photos, and sketches. A "tulpa" is a term from Tibetan Buddhism and refers to the phantom projection of the bodhisattva in countless magic forms, and this collection shows RLW's sonic presence as manifested in the collaborations with so many luminaries of the late 20th century."


released March 1, 1997



all rights reserved


Lionel Marchetti France

Lionel Marchetti (1967) : compositeur français de musique concrète, acousmatique & improvisateur expérimental avec instruments électroniques divers

...ses compositions musicales sont considérées comme
un véritable cinéma pour l'oreille…

"Concret ou abstrait ? J'aime l'abstrait où subsiste un souvenir de substance, le concret qui s'affine aux frontières du vide." (K.White)
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